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We provide wide array of services such as Turnkey import export, authorized representation in USA, Europe, India and South Asia, information technology and data conversion, industrial raw material procurement, and product selling and distribution to all major business sectors such as Automobile, Defense, Manufacturing, Aviation, etc. Our global headquarters are in Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

Turnkey Import Export Service
We provide wide array of import export services to all major business sectors such as Automobile, Defense, Manufacturing, Aviation, etc. Our global headquarters are in Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

 Whether you are a manufacturer looking for buyers or a buyer looking for manufactured goods, PolyMet representatives can find it, buy it, sell it, and ship it. Whether by truck, boat, container ship, train or plane, PolyMet will oversee your purchase from the manufacturer’s warehouse all the way until it reaches your destination.  PolyMet can help you procure a container full of automobiles and hardware parts and textiles from India, plastic moldings from Saudi Arabia, or a highly specialized piece of machinery from USA and Europe. Whatever you need, PolyMet will locate it and arrange for its expeditious shipment. There is neither product too small nor quantity too large for PolyMet to manage.

 Whether you’re looking for a product or a service, PolyMet can conclude the deal. We search the world to find you the best product for the best price and the most receptive market. Our vast resources enable us to solve the most perplexing purchasing and product development problems.

 Authorized Representation in India and South Asia
PolyMet provides complete sales outsourcing solutions to large enterprise and middle market customers by serving their exclusive Sales representatives.  We provide resources that you need to represent your company across various industrial countries. Recognized for our focus on metrics driven, highly accountable, and effective sales – PolyMet has become one of the most respected manufacturing representative companies in the world.
We sell your products and services in the field, via inside sales, or as enterprise sales reps traveling across the globe especially within India and South Asia. We build the programs, recruit the personnel, manage the teams, and close the deals on your “paper” while reporting all the key metrics you’d expect from any high level sales force. We build a sales force for you from the director level down to the actual reps – the entire force dedicated just to you using systems and processes developed by an industry leader in sales.

Information Technology and Data Conversion
PolyMet provides professional, technological solutions to both Corporate and Government customers worldwide. Today, POLYMET delivers an extensive array of products and services to address your Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) requirements. Our products cover global sectors such as Information Technology, Communications, Financial services, Healthcare and Manufacturing.

PolyMet offers an established record of superior performance and satisfaction in our product delivery. We accomplish our unmatched quality through our vast pool of professional resources and strategic alliances. PolyMet leverages technological Integration through Innovation by offering incomparable advantages in our premier on-shore management and off-shore production model. The heart of PolyMets products and services center around a professional pool of 2000 engineers, programmers, analysts and project support staff to offer our customers the following business solutions:

  • Software Engineering and Web Development
  • RFID manufacturing and integration
  • ePublishing
  • Electronic Data Conversion
  • Process Outsourcing
  • B2B, B2C and BPO Solutions

 Raw Material Procurement
PolyMet procure vast variety of industrial raw materials for Plastic, Stainless Steel and Hardware manufacturing industries.  Our unique procurement process ensure you as a manufacturer receives raw material of utmost quality and durability.  We procure quality products through our vast network of raw material supplier across the globe with our authorized supplier list.  Please click on the products page to view detail list of the products and buy and sell to our customers. We procure following raw material:

  • Plastic recycling raw materials such as PP Homopolymer, LLDPE Slip Grade, HDPE, etc.
  • Stainless Steel and CI scrap
  • Wax material (paraffin) 54 – 56 melt
  • Rejected Paper Rolls


We offer a number of different business services, including back office management, accounting and finance assistance, business writing for business plans, reports and templates, marketing and advertising services, mentoring with high-level executives and many more.

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